Sound and music for the Nocturne festival

After several months of work, my piece Wind will be part of the 2018 Nocturne festival here in Halifax. I’m collaborating with storytellers from Eskasoni Cultural Journeys for the festival in a piece we have called Wind Stories.

Read more about Wind and our collaboration here.

Herring Cove from March through May

After taking many field recordings over the course of a few months in the spring of 2018, I’ve made a composite of some of them:

You can read more about this composite here.

About me

I make music with electronic instruments, by manipulating field recordings, or with the piano. Although I’m a graphic designer by training and I currently work as a software developer, I have been making music for the past 18 years. I have a great interest in ecological issues, which has driven other non-musical projects. In 2009, I received an Unltd Award while living in the UK to make EyeOverFishing.org, an illustrated information website about the problem of deep sea overfishing. After moving to Berlin, I helped the founders of Mundraub.org, a web-based map of publicly accessible fruit trees around Germany, get the first version up and running. Together with a friend, I co-founded Stadtgarten, a community vegetable garden in east Berlin, which I helped to run for several years.

I was also part of the performance art troupe Shazaam, an interdisciplinary multimedia group who operated on the basis of free improvisation. We performed in Berlin-based venues such as Hebbel Am Ufer, Tanzfabrik, and Dock 11.

After living in London, UK and Berlin, Germany since 2004, my wife and I moved to Nova Scotia in Autumn of 2017.

This set of ramblings outlines my interest in music and ecology.

I can be contacted at hello (at) justinbuckley (dot) com.

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