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Wind Stories at the Nocturne festival

On the evening of Saturday, October 13th in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the annual arts festival Nocturne will take place, and this snippet of music is my own contribution to it. The theme of this year’s Nocturne is Nomadic Reciprocity, which among other things asked artists to “reflect on their connection to the political environment of […]

March through May in Herring Cove

I currently live in Herring Cove, a village on the outskirts of Halifax, Nova Scotia. In preparation for a larger piece I am working on, I took many field recordings in and around the village throughout this past winter and spring, and this composite of a few of them highlights some of the sounds to […]

Nature and music

The starting point for what follows was a short passage in a book that linked the farming practices of Balinese rice farmers with gamelan music. The success of this ancient system of farming is partly connected to the musical practices of the region through its temple system and religion. I was struck by this example, […]